Sherduck Holmes, Ziggy Starduck and Captain Quack Sparrow were just some of the competitors to take to the water and battle for supremacy in the annual Harry’s Duck Race.

The event, in memory of a four year old Wrexham boy, Harry Jones, who tragically died in his sleep in 2004, was held at Pontblyddyn Cricket Club and all to raise a duck house full of cash for Hope House Children’s Hospices.

Julia Jones, Harry’s mum, says the family have organised a duck race in memory of her son and to raise funds for Hope House every year since Harry’s tragic and unexpected death and she is delighted the event raised almost £6,000.

Julia, her husband Jeff, Harry’s twin brother Charlie and other brother Sam were all on hand to start the races and ensure fair play.

And the mayor of Wrexham, Rob Walsh was on hand to help start races and judge the best dressed ducks in each category.

He said: “It’s such a wonderful event. It’s the second year I’ve been here to judge the ducks. Everyone who has taken part is to be congratulated, the ducks are wonderful.

“But we have to say a huge thank you to Julia, Jeff and family for all their efforts and support to Hope House Children’s Hospices. Harry’s death was a terrible tragedy but the amount of money Julia and Jeff have raised for Hope House in their son’s name is incredible.

“The effort they have put into their fundraising is testament to what wonderful caring people they are. And Hope House is such a good charity that does incredible work with children and families when they need help the most.”     

Hope House Children’s Hospices head of fundraising Alison Marsh says the amount of money raised by Julia and Jeff since Harry passed away is amazing and everyone at the hospice is grateful for their continued support.

She said: “Sadly, every week, three local families face their biggest fear and their child dies.  Hope House Children’s Hospices cannot stop children dying but we can stop families suffering on their own.

“When they are facing the most devastating loss of their lives we must be there. We need to reach every child, mum, dad, sister and brother and to do this we need to raise more money so we can offer even more services such as our Snowflake Room.

“We need to raise in excess of £6m a year to support all the children and families we help from across North Wales, Shropshire and parts of Cheshire. That’s why it’s so important we have as much help as possible from communities and businesses across the region.”

She added: “This year the amount raised is above last year’s total with some money still coming in. More than 1,000 small ducks were sold and over 100 large ducks which companies and individuals painted and decorated in their own styles.

“The trouble people have gone to decorating, painting and customising their ducks is incredible, it’s really helped make it a fun event.”

She added: “People have really taken the event to heart and many have travelled from across the region and beyond to support the event which is amazing. People are already planning their ducks for next year which is fantastic too.” 

Pictured above (from left): Charlie, Sam and Jeff Jones, Wrexham Mayor Rob Walsh and Julia Jones prepare to start a race.