Respite Care

Once a family has been accepted, we are able to offer a guaranteed amount of respite for the coming year.

Our service is flexible and the number, and length, of the visits to Hope House or Tŷ Gobaith depend upon a number of factors, including the current health of the child or young person and the requirements of their family. No charge is ever made to families.

We can care for a child while other family members take a much-needed break or work alongside the family to help with the daily routine. This support may also include skilled nursing care within the family's own home.

Care at Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith is family-centred in every respect. The impact of caring for a terminally-ill child/young person on the whole family is far-reaching. We aim to work in partnership with all family members and empower them to take control of decision-making and any choices available to them.

Staying at Hope House or Tŷ Gobaith

All families are invited to stay at the hospices with their sick child and they may do as much, or as little of their care as they wish. For many parents learning to trust others with the care of their child can be very difficult and the Care Team respects this and allows them to gradually adjust to stepping back a little so that they can take a much-needed break or enjoy being with their child for the "fun things" that so many of us take for granted. Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and close friends are all welcome. They are encouraged to make themselves at home, relax, join in activities or spend time talking to team members about any fears and concerns they may have.

Some families choose to leave their sick child at Hope House or Tŷ Gobaith while they go off for a break or to spend time with healthy siblings. Arrangements can be made for other friends or family members to visit the child/young person while he/she is staying at Hope House and families may contact us at any time. Older children and young people may choose to stay with a particular friend or family member.

Families choosing to stay at Hope House or Tŷ Gobaith can be accommodated close to their children. All bedrooms have en suites and some are adapted for family members with a disability. A small private parents lounge is available.

The Care Team will maintain contact with families between visits and send birthday cards etc to siblings and the sick child/young person. Every effort is made to ensure that families are aware that telephone support is available to them 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The Care Team is made up of a variety of health and social care professionals to facilitate a multidisciplinary approach and enable true holistic care. The Medical Officer is a local GP with additional qualifications in palliative medicine. Sibling Support work with siblings both at Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith and at home.