Experienced physiotherapists are employed at Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith. They will provide specialist support to children and young people and provide advice on moving and handling, posture and equipment. They will liaise with the child's own physiotherapist when appropriate and will help the Care Team continue treatment programmes established for the child in the community.

At Hope House we also have a hydrotherapy pool, complete with coloured lights and music, which can be used for both physiotherapy and fun. Family members are often able to join in, making this a fun activity for all.

Children staying at Tŷ Gobaith are able to access hydrotherapy in a local venue. Transport is provided and children and young people are accompanied by a physiotherapist and other appropriate staff.

Music Therapy

Music therapy involves using the elements of music - rhythm, melody, harmony etc - to promote physical, cognitive, emotional and social benefits.

At Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith we have dedicated Music Therapists who work with children, families and staff.

All of us have an inborn ability to respond to music, and this usually is unaffected by disability or illness. Music can help children with coordination and limb control, and it can encourage them to communicate through vocal sounds. It can help to stimulate or relax children and is used in pain management.

Music can also express what cannot be said in words - for a child who cannot use speech it can be a vital means of communication. Playing music can also help children to explore their feelings more deeply and improve their confidence.