Evie's Story

Evie Davies is nine years old and has a rare form of Epilepsy which was diagnosed shortly after birth.

Her mum Linda cried her eyes out when doctors told her that Evie’s condition was terminal and suggested she contacted Tŷ Gobaith for help.

“It turned out to be the best thing I ever did,” she says. “Evie is always so happy when she comes to Tŷ Gobaith for respite. I get to spend time with Caitlin and Harrison (Evie’s brother and sister). They are brilliant and never complain but it is important to think of them too and make sure they are OK and Tŷ Gobaith helps me to do that.”

Linda doesn’t know what the future holds for Evie but she is so grateful that she has the support of Tŷ Gobaith and her family doesn’t have to face the future on their own.
More about Evie's story in the New Year...

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