Dysgu a Datblygu

We recognise that having a well-informed, skilled and motivated team enables us to deliver the best possible service to children, young people and families.

Learning and development opportunities are available to all, regardless of your role and length of time you have spent with the organisation.

Induction training

Learning starts from the first day a new employee joins Hope House Children's Hospices. During the induction process you will meet the people responsible for our key functions, hear about all aspects of the organisation and visit any departments or sites which will enhance your understanding and knowledge. We see this as an investment in your future and an opportunity for you to understand what we do and how we do it.

It is also vital that you are able to work safely, and are aware of your responsibility to yourself and others.

On the job training

Following induction, you will continue your initial training, learning as you work alongside other team members. We believe in preparing you fully for your new role and organise mentoring and attachments to support you in the learning process.

Identifying personal development needs

Through the staff review and appraisal system you will have the opportunity to discuss and agree your ongoing performance and development needs with your line manager. Where feasible, training will be arranged and your progress reviewed through the year.

Learning methods

Although a huge amount of your learning will be on-the-job, there will be occasions where other learning methods will be more appropriate. We use a wide range of methods for addressing your learning needs from traditional training courses, to coaching and shadowing, to self-directed study. We have supported staff to complete a variety of relevant qualifications; all we ask in return is that you use these skills for the benefit of Hope House Children's Hospices.

Mandatory training

We employ staff in a number of professional and regulated roles where regular updates are compulsory. This learning is delivered through an annual programme enabling staff to remain updated of essential procedures and practice.

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