Sarah's Kili Climb raises £10,000 for Chloe's campaign

Sarah at the top of Kilimanjaro with her photo of Chloe
Sarah (left) and Nicola Jackson at Ty Gobaith, where they said goodbye to their best friend Chloe
The angel wing bracelets Sarah and Nicola wear to remain close to Chloe

A young mum has tackled one of the world’s highest mountains to celebrate the life of her best friend and raise money for Chloe’s Campaign.

Sarah Morris, 26, who is featured in our #ChloesStory video, climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro carrying a photo of Chloe which she attached to the sign at the summit.

“I think Chloe would have been laughing her head off at me because it was a real blizzard at the time,” says Sarah. “I cried like a baby but it was so cold my tears were frozen to my face.

“Chloe was the best friend anyone could ever have wished for - she was so beautiful and smiley and lit up any room she entered.”

Sarah’s amazing expedition contributes to the £50,000 we need to create a Snowflake Lounge next to the existing Snowflake Room. The Snowflake Room is a temperature controlled private space with a garden where babies, children and young adults can be brought after they have died so that their family and friends can say goodbye in their own time and in their own way, supported by professional nurses and counsellors.

It was in the Snowflake Room last summer that Sarah said goodbye to Chloe after she died in a tractor accident.

“I bought angel wing bracelets for her and myself and our friend Nicola so we could always be together and I sat with Chlo and said my final goodbyes in a really lovely place,” remembers Sarah, who lives in Prestatyn.

“Being with Chlo for those days really helped me deal with the shock of losing her. The services and support that Ty Gobaith offered to Chloe’s family during such a heart-breaking time is something I will never be able to show how grateful I am for."

Sarah carried Chloe’s photo with her the whole way up Kilimanjaro, which is six times as high as Snowdon. The altitude made her head throb and her chest feel that she was unable to breathe for hours at a time, but still she thought of Chloe and ploughed on through the six days and nights it took to reach the top.

“Chloe inspired me all the way – I told the guides Chloe’s story and they kept telling me to think of her when the going got really tough,” adds Sarah.

“I heard the total raised had reached £10,000 when I got to Heathrow Airport so I couldn’t afford to fail. I had to do it for our Angel Chloe and because Ty Gobaith need the money to ensure no family suffers the death of a child alone.”

Chloe’s mum Karen Farrell, who is spearheading our Chloe’s Story campaign, said she struggled to find the words to say how incredible she thought Sarah was.

She said: “Chloe was always so proud of Sarah and how she coped with her busy life, her millions of jobs and her studying and bringing up her three beautiful children Jude, Lily and Joshy. It is amazing that she has made the time to train for and climb Kilimanjaro.

“It’s the strength of support like this that helps me to remember how much Chloe was loved by so many people. As her mum that makes me so very proud. I can’t thank Sarah and everyone who is supporting the Chloe’s Story campaign enough.”

You can donate to Sarah’s challenge here. Also please visit to see more of Chloe’s Story including a video in which her family and friends share their memories of their special time with Chloe in the Ty Gobaith Snowflake Room.

Monday 22 October 2018

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