Harry's Story

Harry was a real character, full of fun and games, but one night he tragically went to bed and never woke up. He was just four years old. Read more

Phoebe's Story

Phoebe was one of the Butterfly Children, so called because she suffered from a rare condition that caused her skin to be as fragile as a butterfly’s wing. Read more

Amelia's Story

Little Amelia’s first proper birthday party was due to be held during the Coronavirus lockdown - so instead of presents her family decided to help Hope House Read more

Poppy's Story

When Poppy was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition Vicki and Karl were devastated - but with Hope House's help they are making the most of life Read more

Evan's Story

Evan was fit and healthy - he simply went to bed and died in his sleep, remembers mum Jane Read more

Iwan's Story

We haven't got a big extended family so having a support network at Tŷ Gobaith is really important, says mum Debbie Read more

Luke's Story

I’m in a wheelchair but tough luck really, no point in moaning about it. There’s a lot of people worse off, says Luke Read more

Kiera's Story

When Kiera is at Hope House she is so happy. There’s no one I’d trust more with my daughter, says dad Dylan Read more

Chloe's Story

Precious days saying goodbye to Chloe in the Snowflake Suite gave her family the strength to carry on Read more