Evan was just 12 years old when he died suddenly in his sleep, leaving his mum Jane, dad Pete, sister Katie and all their family and friends heart-broken.

The day had been a normal family day. They had been shopping together and Evan had bought a Hobbit DVD. Jane was looking forward to cuddling up with him and watching it. Tragically it was never to be.

“Evan had no illness at all. He was fit and healthy and he simply went to bed and died in his sleep,” remembers Jane.

“I found him when I went to wake him in the morning. It was a huge shock for us all.”

Bereavement Counselling

It was a doctor who referred the family to Hope House for bereavement counselling. Jane feels it was the best thing that could have happened.

“I can honestly say if we hadn’t had Hope House I don’t know what we would have done.

"It was somewhere we could all come and talk about whatever we wanted to. You can shut the door and say whatever you want and gradually it helps you to feel a little better.”

Pete agrees: “The support we all received at Hope House was phenomenal, through some very difficult times.

“Evan, like Katie, was my world. We had just finished doing up a trail bike together and the day before he died Evan had just got a helmet so he could ride it.

“He had a wonderful sense of humour and was funny, loving and compassionate.

“I remember when he was younger and a family member was in hospital I gave him the choice of a day at the beach or visiting them. He chose to go to the hospital because that was the way he was.”

Tribute Fund

Evan’s family has set up an online Tribute Fund in his memory to raise money for Hope House. Every penny raised helps other seriously ill children, and families suffering the loss of their child.

“Evan died so young, but we were so proud of him and so was everyone else who knew him,” says Jane.

“We really wanted to say Thank You to Hope House because I don’t know what we would have done without them.

“Having an online Tribute Fund where we can see how much money we have raised and leave messages and post photos and light candles helps to keep Evan’s memory alive and is really comforting too.”

You can see Evan’s Tribute Fund in aid of Hope House at www.evan-williams.muchloved.com and make a donation online.