Pupils from Hadnall Church of England Primary School, near Shrewsbury, put their best feet forward to raise an amazing £1,174.50 for Hope House children’s hospice.

Class 1 children, aged from four to six, took on a one-and-a-half mile sponsored walk around the village, getting parents, grandparents and even pets in on the action. The walk was done as part of Hope House’s £50 Challenge, where fundraisers are asked to use their entrepreneurial skills to invest and grow an initial £50 outlay.

The class, led by Mrs Joanne Pitt, decided they wanted to support Hope House children’s hospice after a visit from Hope House fundraiser Bekki Fardoe. Bekki explained to the children how Hope House supports severely ill children and their families, and how important fundraising is for the charity.

Bekki was invited back after the walk as part of a special celebration assembly where the children presented her with a cheque.

Headteacher Mrs Finola Jackson said: “We encourage all our children to be outward looking, compassionate and kind whilst striving to develop a love of one another. Class 1 children have been finding out about different charities and the invaluable work that they do.

“We decided to reach out to Hope House and were thrilled when Bekki came in and talked to our children about the wonderful work that happens at the hospice to support children and their families. The children came up with so many fundraising ideas and they decided on taking part in a sponsored walk around our lovely village of Hadnall where parents, grandparents and pooches joined us too.

Sunshine and smiles

“Class 1’s Teacher, Mrs Pitt and I are so proud of the children; we had a wonderful morning and sunshine and smiles were in abundance. We finished the event with an ice lolly and some fitness fun on the playground led by our wonderful Governor, Mrs McGarry.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and all the classes are now asking when they can get involved. So, it looks like next year’s sponsored walk may be even bigger and better.”

Bekki thanked the children, teachers and families for their support.

She said: “Thank you so much to everyone who joined in on the day and everyone who gave so generously. It costs Hope House over £1,000 to support one child for one day, so Class 1 have helped to ensure 24 hours of expert care, support and play for a child with a life-threatening condition.

“The school received £50 investment from us to spend on their fundraising idea and to help them raise even more money… which they certainly did!! Thank you so much Hadnall Primary School.”

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