After taking part in many of our virtual events Carina Parkinson will be running 10K a day to raise money for us in January.

Throughout the whole of the month Carina will run a total of 310 kilometers, which is more than seven marathons, despite vowing to never run again after competing the London Marathon in 2007.

Carina admits that the idea to do this came about in the summer. 

She said: “It seemed like a good plan while it was warm, with longer days, no school run and my business still in its infancy. But of course lots has changed and I have chosen the toughest winter month to do it. But what would be the point of doing it if it was too easy?”

Carina decided it would be even better to enlist other keen runners. The ‘10K a Day Team’ was born including fellow runners Jack Fallows, Connor Williams, Rob Griffiths and Emma Hughes. They all live in Shropshire and were drawn to the challenge because the charities are also close to their hearts.

The group's fundraising target is to raise a minimum of £500 which will be split between ourselves and The League Of Friends To The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

"Charities have all been badly affected this year so the team feels it’s more important than ever for people to get behind events that mean something to them and raise much needed funds," said Carina.