For Jamie Moorcroft, co-founder of Sorodo Ltd, one of our new Business Champions, there lies a deep and highly personal reason behind his company’s commitment.

In October 2021, Jamie and his wife Laura faced the unimaginable pain of their new-born daughter, Posey, dying at just one day old.

Posey was born by emergency caesarean section but without a heartbeat.

Laura and Jamie Moorcroft with their book of memories of Posey

Jamie said: “Doctors fought successfully to bring her back, but there was no brain activity whatsoever. We found out that Posey had suffered from severe hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy (HIE).

“She was treated in Intensive Care immediately after birth. However, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue her care the following day.”

It was here that the Moorcroft family, from Buckley, were introduced to the option of attending Hope House.

Beginning the grieving process

Jamie continued: “A specialist bereavement nurse told us about services that Hope House in Oswestry offer and made arrangements for the three of us to travel there together.

“We had a very precious four days with Posey and were able to do activities and make memories such as hand and foot prints and just focus on our family and begin the process of grieving.”

The Moorcroft’s were able to use the hospice’s Great Bear Suite, a bespoke facility that allows families a chance to spend priceless private time with their child in a comfortable environment and begin the grieving process.

Posey Moorcroft

Sorodo is a financial services company that helps small businesses in Wales and beyond find the finance they need to grow, and have just become Bronze members of our Business Champions initiative with a generous donation of £1,500 – which will more than cover the ask of £1,102 to provide one week of specialist paediatric care nursing.

Speaking of their decision to partner with us, Jamie continued: “Sorodo was set up from a small garage in a back garden in Buckley along with my friend Richard and brother Simon in 2012.

“There is obviously a direct connection between us after the care we received with Posey and as a business we share a very people-focused outlook and think the support they offer families is amazing.

“I had discovered Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith before Posey was born when I signed-up for their lottery but wasn’t fully aware of their range of services – and then, a couple of years later we needed them.”

A brighter future

Looking to the future, Jamie said: “Laura and I are still coming to terms with the loss of our daughter, but we are hopeful we can expand our family soon.

“The hospices are very special places, and we know the ongoing support they offer is only a phone call away. The nurses there often call Laura to check-in on her.

“For Sorodo as a business, we look forward to proudly supporting the hospices in the wonderful work they do.”

Become a Business Champion like Sorodo

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