The mum and dad of baby Archie have dedicated a special daisy in his memory to be displayed at Hope House.

Archie's mum and dad Dan and Becky

Dan and Becky have been fundraising for us since 17-month-old Archie died in March, and have been one of the first to get one of the our new special daisies.

The couple will get a daisy for their home as well as have a daisy displayed at Hope House for other children and families to see.

These stainless steel daisies have been made by Red Dragon Metal Art are will be available for families and supporters to purchase in July for a suggested donation of £15. Everyone who dedicates a daisy will be able to leave a special message which will stay with the daisy while is displayed at the hospices throughout August.

“We are delighted to be able to dedicate a daisy for Archie, we will have one daisy at home and know that the other will be on display at Hope House, a place so dear to our hearts,” said mum Becky.

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Archie was diagnosed as a baby with Menkes disease, a condition that affects around one in every 300,000 babies.

“When he was born it was the most amazing thing and we had been waiting for that moment for so long,” said dad Dan.

“Everything was normal for a few months after we bought him home, but after about six months we noticed Archie wasn’t really gaining weight and we started to notice he was a bit slow in his development – like struggling to support his head and being a bit floppy. At that point we knew there was something not quite right.”

Life turned upside down

Archie needed many visits to the hospital and after numerous tests was eventually diagnosed with Menkes disease.

“We were told there was no cure and that Archie’s life expectancy was about two to three years. It was surreal. Our life turned upside down,” said Dan.

After spending a few weeks in hospital after his diagnosis Archie and his family were introduced to Hope House.

“It was just like bringing a newborn home again,” said Dan. “Very quickly we had to learn everything all over again. We needed to learn how to specially feed Archie, give him all of his medicine accurately, and just generally care for our little boy, and we were guided through all this by the amazing staff at Hope House.

“We were able to stay at the hospice with Archie. He was our baby boy and we didn’t want to leave him. But knowing he was well cared for by the staff at night meant we could sleep properly.

Vital support

“The rest was incredibly important. With a normal healthy child, you can generally give them to family members and grandparents for a couple of nights, but when your child is poorly and needs medicine regularly and accurately it becomes much trickier. He didn’t need babysitters, he needed nurses 24/7, and that is ultimately what we became.

“But the staff at Hope House made our lives so much easier. We could almost switch off from a few things while we were there. It meant we could spend the time getting to know Archie and everything he needed.

“Archie would not have lived as long as he did if it were not for Hope House.

“Not because of his condition, but because we would have been way more tired and exhausted, it would have taken its toll and we would have made more mistakes with his care.”

The family had regular stays at Hope House which also allowed them to spend time together and make memories while Archie was receiving care.

Archie loved the sensory room, he’d fall asleep with us in there,” said Becky. “Although he couldn’t communicate, you knew he was comfortable cuddled up to someone and knew he could feel the love, and he just radiated it right back. He loved being cuddled. Cuddles are the best.

“He loved the hydrotherapy pool at Hope House. He was so relaxed. He loved the lights and the sound. The pool was so incredible for him because he couldn’t support his own weight, so it fully relaxed him.”

When Dan and Becky were told that Archie needed end of life care, they came back to Hope House where they had access to the Snowflake Suite, a place where families can spend time with their children and say goodbye.

There for us

“When we knew the time had come, Hope House was there for us,” said Dan.

“We were able to just be in these peaceful surroundings and spend time with our boy.

“Using the Snowflake Suite gave us this extra bit of time with him. We could get on the bed with him, he had all his teddies, his pictures, his lights. It was beautiful.

“There are no words to describe what you go through at that time, but without what Hope House could offer us we wouldn’t have had the time with our boy we did. Hope House is like a family to us now and we will give back what we can and being able to dedicate a daisy in his memory is so lovely.”

Dedicate a daisy

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