The next Welsh Senedd elections will be held on May 6 2021 and this year Tŷ Gobaith and Hope House have a particular interest. We are seeking commitment from the candidates to support sustainable funding for children’s hospices in Wales.

So, what does this mean and how can you help? 

We are calling for a Lifeline Fund which would provide fair and sustainable funding for Wales’ children hospices (Tŷ Gobaith, and Tŷ Hafan in South Wales). You can read more about the details of our call for action here

If you believe in what we do and feel strongly that children's hospices in Wales should receive comparable funding with children's hospices in the rest of the UK we would really appreciate you joining our campaign.

If you live in Wales, please write to or email the candidates bidding to be your next Member of the Senedd to seek their support on this issue. We have created two templates here that you may like to use - one in English and one in Welsh.

Thank you for your continued support. It means everything to us.