Despite battling torrential rain, gale force winds, blistering sunshine and a debilitating leg injury, a Conwy man soldiered on to complete a gruelling 30-day challenge created by a former Royal Marine, which has seen him cycle and run more than 500 miles, all for Tŷ Gobaith.

Gareth Williams decided to take on the long endurance challenge at the start of June, planning to double the amount of running he was doing every day for 30 days.

However, after a total of 120 miles pounding the streets of North Wales, Gareth pulled a thigh muscle.

“I managed to complete the 19km run I was on, although comically I had to run home backwards part of the way, as I was unable to extend my leg fully when going downhill,” said the 43-year-old.

“Ice baths that evening could not undo the damage, with the injury leaving me unable to walk without limping.”

Different muscle groups

Not to be discouraged, Gareth, who works as an engineer for a renewable energy company, decided to substitute the running challenge for cycling, as this used different muscle groups.

In total he completed more than 120 miles of running, 400 miles of cycling, 2,672 press-ups and nearly three hours of planking, raising more than £1,300.

“I have been humbled by the amount, everyone’s been really supportive and it’s made the whole thing worthwhile,” he said. 

“Tŷ Gobaith does some remarkable work and I wanted to turn my personal challenge into a means of supporting a great cause. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of us stop and think about what is really important in life. Tŷ Gobaith provides help to children and families who desperately need their care and support. I was aware that a lot of fundraising has been cancelled this year due to COVID restrictions, so I thought that every little helps.” 

Epic challenge

Sarah Ritchie, Fundraising Team leader at Tŷ Gobaith, said: “This was such an epic challenge and the way Gareth adapted due to his injuries but carried on to complete the entire month is just incredible. 

“We rely on amazing people like Gareth so that we can keep providing vital services to families and terminally ill children, and that is why we are encouraging people to sign up for our own Cycle 100 Miles in August challenge.”

If you have been inspired by Gareth’s adventure and fancy challenging yourself to cycle 100 miles in August you can sign up here today. You’ll be making a huge difference to seriously ill local children and their families.