The ‘king of running costumes’ John Darby has completed a 35-mile run dressed as three different characters.

John is a care practitioner at Bryn Melyn Care in Telford, which has this year chosen us as its charity of the year.

He has been regularly seen running events such as the Market Drayton 10K dressed as a gingerbread man, the Cookie Monster and even Scooby-Doo.

To mark Bryn Melyn’s 35th year, John decided to run the 35-miles – nine miles more than a marathon - to raise money to support us, and was roared on by the children as he made his way around laps of a neighbouring field, dressed firstly as Charlie Chaplain, followed by a 118 man and finishing as a blue monster.

Fun to run

“I like to have fun when I’m running, and running in costume is always a laugh, although it can get quite warm and be hard work,” said John, 51.

“All the Bryn Melyn homes have been doing something to raise money around the theme of 35, and I thought this would be a good idea to raise funds for such an important local charity.”

John has already raise more than £500, with more still being collected from sponsors. Meanwhile Bryn Melyn Care is doing other 35-themed activities to raise funds to support us throughout the year.

If you have been inspired by John then you can still sign up for our Virtual 10K event at