Children at Hope House will now have access to our newly refurbished state of the art sensory room and aquatic pool thanks to grants of more than £200,000.

The two completed projects have been in the pipeline since 2019.

The sensory room refurb cost £32,000 while the pool refit was £170,000 and both projects came courtesy of 33 different trusts, grants and private donations, including a grant from the Mark Benevolent Fund worth £45,000.

The sensory room, Supernova, has specialist equipment from bubble tubes, LED lights, sensory soft play and music to suit the needs of all children, so that every child can have a unique experience that will make their stay at the hospice even more enjoyable.

Choice for children

Hope House physiotherapist Esme said: “The children will be able to choose what they want in the sensory room thanks to new switches and controls. They can change the type of music, lighting or swap out equipment – it really will be a different experience for every child, depending on their needs.”

The refitted aquatic pool was installed by Pave Aways at cost and is a huge upgrade on the old pool which had been in place since the hospice was opened in 1995.

The work has included a total refurbishment of the pool and changing areas, the installation of new plant equipment to run the pool, and new hoists and sensory audio-visual equipment.

“We offer many therapies for the children, but aquatic therapy, which makes use of the natural buoyancy, heat and resistance of the water is often the highlight of the hospice stay,” explained Esme.

“Seeing a child who is usually uncomfortable in their wheelchair due to muscle spasms, smile and look relaxed in the water is so inspiring. You can really see the difference that is being made to their wellbeing and comfort.

“Both of these spaces have been carefully researched by the staff at Hope House to make sure we are giving our children the best possible therapies. We have also been giving our staff more specialist training to make sure they are able to make the most of the facilities with the children.

“Seeing children smile, make choices, play and interact as a result of both the pool and sensory room is incredible.

“Often children do not have access to spaces that allow them to be at ease and enjoy themselves in an environment designed especially for them – both Supernova and the aquatic pool are just that.”

Thank you

Our chief executive Andy Goldsmith, said: “I would like to thank everyone that has awarded grants to both of these fantastic projects, and to the staff here that have worked incredibly hard to get everything just right for our children.

“Both Supernova and the aquatic pool are well loved and well used hospice facilities and play an important role in providing outstanding care to children. 

“These major refurbishments, which were undertaken through this generous support, enhances and secures these facilities for the future and I am already seeing the difference this is making to the children and families that call Hope House their lifeline.”

Thanks to those who funded the projects

Mark Benevolent Fund, The Lynn Foundation, The Sylken Charitable Trust, PF Charitable Trust, The Hospital Saturday Fund, Edward and Dorothy Cadbury, Charitable Trust, PAVO Rotary Club of Shrewsbury Severn, The Khayami Foundation, The Brian Wilson Charitable Trust, Baron Davenport's Charity, The Gledswood Charitable Trust, N Smith Charitable Settlement, The Hudson Charitable Trust, The Red Rose Charitable Trust, The Felicity Wilde Charitable Trust, The Theodore Maxxy Charitable Trust, DCR Allen Charitable Trust, The Pamela Barlow Charitable Trust, The R S Brownless Charitable Trust, The Reuben Foundation, The Rest Harrow Trust, Energize Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Cash4kids, The Patrick Trust, The Hilton Jones Charitable Trust, Edward Gostling Foundation, The Green Hall Foundation, Everything Genetic Ltd, Garfield Weston Foundation, The Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust, The Thomas Curtis Charitable Trust, The Gilander Foundation.