Tŷ Gobaith and Tŷ Hafan children’s hospices are calling on the Welsh Government to provide more funding for the most vulnerable children in Wales, and their families, in their December budget announcement.

Our calls are being backed by Plaid Cymru MS Peredur Owen Griffiths who appeared alongside us on ITV Wales News tonight to press for action. (October 28) 

Tŷ Gobaith and Tŷ Hafan provide palliative care for more than 450 children with life-limiting conditions across Wales and offer around 2,500 nights of respite care each year. Despite this, we receive less than 10 percent of their funding from statutory sources – that is the Welsh Government, Local Health Boards and Local Authorities.  

We are calling for a more sustainable funding solution – the Lifeline Fund - to allow us to futureproof our services and extend our reach, particularly into more rural communities across Wales, as well as ensuring continued care and support for some of the most vulnerable children in our communities.  

Ahead of the Welsh Government’s budget for 2022/23 we are urging the Welsh Government to consider increasing the statutory support for children’s hospices in Wales above the existing 10 percent – which leaves the two hospices almost entirely reliant on the generosity of the Welsh public. We want to see a move towards a more sustainable model of funding, with statutory support offered at around 21 percent, providing equal standing with children’s hospices in England.  

We remain hopeful 

Chief Executive of Tŷ Gobaith Andy Goldsmith explained: “We welcome the ongoing hospice funding review commissioned by the Welsh Government and remain hopeful that the review will address the problem that the hospices that serve children in Wales are still not securely funded. 

“What we now need to see is an uplift in funding for children’s hospices, so that we can, in partnership with the NHS, offer every child with complex and life-limiting conditions the care and support they need and every family across Wales a meaningful choice between home, hospice or hospital as the end of life approaches.” 

Chief Executive of Tŷ Hafan Maria Timon Samra said: “Tŷ Hafan and Tŷ Gobaith children’s hospices provide care and support to hundreds of children and their families across Wales every year. Our services encompass every aspect of a child and their families’ lives – from childbirth to bereavement, ensuring every member of the family receives the support they deserve.  

“Our aim is that no child and their family go without in Wales, but we need the support of the Government to achieve this.” 

Reliant on the generosity of the Welsh public

While on site to film with the hospices for the ITV Wales news piece, South Wales East MS Peredur Owen Griffiths added: “Tŷ Hafan and Ty Gobaith children’s hospices provide exceptional care and support for hundreds of children and their families each year in Wales. Despite this, the two hospices are almost entirely reliant on the generosity of the Welsh public to offer their unique and crucial services.  

“While the Welsh Government hospice funding review was a welcome step towards a more sustainable funding solution for the hospices, it is yet to be seen what additional funding will be made available. I urge the Government to include an uplift in funding for Tŷ Hafan and Tŷ Gobaith in the draft budget for 2022/23, allowing them the confidence to plan for the future, expand their reach right across Wales and continue providing essential care and support to some of Wales’ most vulnerable children and their families.”