A hotel manager has gone on a year-long weight loss journey so that she can take to the skies and skydive to raise money.

Hannah McKinnon is the reservation manager at the Holiday Inn and was too heavy to skydive when she initially considered it in 2023, but she spent a year dedicated to weight loss so that she could take on the challenge and raise money.

The Holiday Inn is part of the Southwater Event Group, which made Hope House its official charity for two years after a staff vote.


“When I found out you could skydive, I was so keen to do it and raise money,” said Hannah, 40. “But at the time I knew that for my height I would need to weigh 12st 10lbs, but last year I was 16st 8lbs.

“It’s such an important local charity, which really pushed me to lose the weight so I could do the skydive.

“It’s something that is well out of my comfort zone, I actually don’t like flying at all really. But doing it for Hope House makes it a real challenge and I have been so determined.”

Hannah, who lives in Shrewsbury, went on a diet and took up regular morning walks to help her lose the weight she needed to and is now 11st 7lbs.

She is now signed up to leap from a plane at Tilstock Airfield in Whitchurch on 20th April, and she hopes to raise £2,000, which she has been doing through raffles, bingo nights and with the help of Shrewsbury business Perfect Strokes by Glen Cora, who has been donating £10 from all her customers as well as offering up prizes.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped raise money for this fantastic charity,” said Hannah. “I initially was looking at raising £500, but now I’m hoping to raise upwards of £2,000 thanks to all the amazing support.”

Dawn Ball, Fundraiser at Hope House, said: “Hannah’s journey to be able to skydive has shown amazing dedication and we wish her all the luck for April when she finally gets to go in the air.

“Without support of people like Hannah and everyone in the Southwater Event Group, we could not be here for the seriously ill local children and their families.

“Thank you all so much.”

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