The Mayor of Oswestry has decided to get Marching in the Marches for us this March, and is hoping for more people to join him.

Cllr Duncan Kerr says he wants to raise money for local charities who work in the community of Oswestry, and the new 3M Challenge event will raise money towards our vital hospice services. 

Cllr Kerr said: "I wanted to do something to support Hope House Children’s Hospice. Along with many other charities they have lost a lot in income during the pandemic.

"It’s taken a bit of creative thinking to design a Covid-compliant event, but I am delighted to launch the first of what I hope will become an annual event in the Oswestry calendar - the 3M challenge: Marching in March in the Marches."

The challenge has three levels so everyone can participate.

The objective is to complete 10 challenges by walking, running, cycling or a mixture of all three, in your own locality, during March.

  • For the M1 level, the length of the challenges is 1km, 2km, 3km and so on up to 10km.
  • For the M2 level it is 11km, 12km and so on up to 20km.
  • For the M3 level it is 21km, 22km 23km and so on up to 31km - after all there are 31 days in the month.

All you need to do is make a £10 donation here and say you are completing the M3 challenge in the comment box.

Lynsey Kilvert, fundraiser, said: “The past year has been really challenging for us.  Our shops doors have been closed and our fundraising events cancelled.  

"We ended 2020 facing £1.37 million in lost income and our finances continue to struggle as we begin 2021. 

"We are so grateful to the Mayor of Oswestry for choosing to support us with his 3M Challenge. 

"Only with the help of wonderful supporters like Cllr Duncan Kerr, are we able to be there for every local child that needs us.”