Our supporter Suzanne is jumping 10,000 feet from a plane as she skydives to raise money in memory of baby Lily who died last year.

Suzanne Wilson, 36, is taking the leap to raise money for seriously ill local children and their families who use Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith.

Lily, who is the daughter of Suzanne's cousin Jonny and his wife Clare, was born with Osteocraniostenosis, a condition that affects the bone structure and she was not expected to live for more than a few days. 

However, Lily defied the odds and lived for more than eight months with her mum and dad at their home in Rhyl, during which time the family had regular care and respite stays with Tŷ Gobaith. 

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Suzanne Wilson will be taking on a skydive

Amazing Support

“We had support pretty much from day one,” said dad Jonny. “When we left the hospital after Lily was born we spent a week at Tŷ Gobaith and they really helped us massively to transition to living at home. We then had a number of visits with Lily to the hospice where we stayed as a family, which was amazing. 

“Tŷ Gobaith was our lifeline and we wouldn’t have been able to have the quality of time with Lily we had if it wasn’t for them.” 

“Lily was the bravest little star I have ever known,” said Suzanne.  

“Lily got her strength from her mum and dad. They are by far the strongest parents I have ever met and not a day went by where Lily wasn’t reminded how much they loved her.” 

To raise money in memory of Lily and to support other local children and families, Suzanne is will be taking on the skydive on Sunday 2nd April and will be supported from the ground by Jonny and Clare.  

“I wanted to do something that for me is scary, extreme and out of my comfort zone,” said Suzanne. 

“I’m ok with heights, but that’s easily said until you need to jump out of a plane. I don’t know what I’m thinking to be honest.” 

You can sponsor Suzanne’s skydive or see more events in which you can support seriously ill local children.