Welcome to our page of sensory stories. We do hope you enjoy them and, if you have time, why not pick out one or two of the related activities? We'd love to see photos of you having fun if you'd like to send them to us at [email protected] or [email protected] ?

The Sun Rises Over the Fire Station, read by Ula


If you have enjoyed this story and would like some more fun with Fireman Fox click on the video below for some activity ideas:


Listen to the Rain, read by Sarah


Story massage

Listen to the rain, the whisper of the rain, (Stroke ears gently)

The slow soft sprinkle, the drip-drop tinkle, (Fingers tapping across shoulders/arms very gently)

The first wet whisper of the rain. (Slow stroke of cheeks)

Listen to the rain, the singing of the rain, (Tapping across chest and shoulders)

The tiptoe pitter-patter, the splish and splash and splatter, (Fingertips dancing across chest and shoulders)

The steady sound, the singing of the rain. (Gentle fingertip tapping of the head)

Listen to the rain, the roaring pouring rain, (Cupped hands, long stroking)

The hurly-burly topsy-turvy lashing gnashing teeth of rain, (Rolling from side to side, cupped hands tapping body)

The lightening flashing thunder-crashing sounding pounding roaring rain, (Fast stroking of arms, clapping legs or back)

Leaving all outdoors a muddle, a mishy mushy muddy puddle. (Sweeping up the body)

Listen to the quietude, the silence and the solitude of after-rain, (Gentle ear stroking, stroking lips)

The dripping, dripping dropping, the slowly, slowly stopping (Slow gentle tapping on the face and neck)

The fresh wet silent after time of rain. (Finger across lips)


Move around the room (pushing the child’s chair if they are unable to walk), taking small slow steps at first, pretending to be the dip, dropping of the rain, speed up and become the pitter patter with your footsteps, then run around waving your arms to be the storm, then back to the pitter patter and the slow drip dropping then stand still in silence for a minute.

Water play

A tray of water and pots and jugs and sieves and watering cans to explore the water with. Explore the water with hands or feet. Pour the water over the child in small drops or a fast flow. Which do they like best?

Walking Through the Jungle, read by Sarah


If possible use the phrases and Makaton signs from the story whilst you complete the activities. This will increase the repetition and learning from the story.

IPad ideas

Here is a video of the story- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b6yOw5ds-I

Listen to animal noises from the jungle. Noisy parrots squawking, tigers roaring, snakes hissing etc.

Umbrella jungle

Find a large umbrella (green would be best). Attach green crepe paper strips to the edge of it all the way around. Add a toy or paper monkey and parrot for decoration. Hold the umbrella over the child or push the child though the green strips as you say the phrase ‘walking through the jungle what do you see?’

Explore textures

Gather together some feathers, soft fur material, shiny smooth material etc. explore the feel of the different fabrics and textures. Experiment with how they feel on your hands, your arms, your legs, feet and face. Do some tickle?

Jungle hide and seek

You will need a large piece of green cloth and soft toy animals or pictures of the animals from the story. Place the animals under the green cloth. Play an animal noise on the iPad and bring out the animal from under the cloth that matches the sound. If your child will find it funny, make some deliberate mistakes.

Makaton symbol pictures

Photocopy the Makaton symbols included. Colour them in to make a picture and put them in order to re tell the story.