Shrewsbury company DecoStitch has become the latest company to sign up and become one of our Business Champions.

We caught up with its Managing Director Mike Lewis to discuss why supporting us is important. 

Why did you want to make a donation to charity?

Supporting local charities and causes has always been something close to our hearts and with the challenges of the last few years, we are very lucky to finally be in a position to be able to choose some to support in a meaningful way.

Why did you choose us?

As a family, both personally and professionally, we know firsthand the challenges faced by children and parents who need support and none more so than those who are having to come to terms with the loss of a child or the  fact that they soon will.

Why do think charitable giving is important?

As the quality of care, facilities and overall experience for the staff, parents and children is massively reliant on charitable donations, anything that can be donated by people and businesses should be. What’s a new laptop when the money can help a family during their toughest time? 

Do you think donating as a corporate company has an impact on the pride of you staff?

Absolutely. Similarly to the way we try to support our staff, having the ability to support others is a massive positive to us.

Is CSR something you have recently implanted into your business strategy?

Not as yet, however, our environmental responsibilities are very much at the forefront of how we are looking to evolve and grow over the next five years.

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