Our supporter Ridgway Rentals is continuing its support for us into 2023.

The Shropshire-based company, have supported us since 2020, becoming one of our first Business Champions. Last year Director, Stuart raised almost £3,000 for our hospices with his own sponsored challenge and most recently the company made a corporate donation of £1,500 in lieu of Christmas cards.

We caught up with Managing Director, Stuart Jones, to ask why Ridgway Rentals were supporting us. 

Why did you want to make a donation?

Here at Ridgway, we believe giving to charity is very important. Not every business is fortunate enough to be able to donate and use its platform to raise awareness for local charities, we take pride knowing we can contribute and make a difference.

Why did you choose Hope House and Tŷ Gobaith?

As a business, we understand the importance of support within your local and surrounding area. Working with a charity close by means we can do much more than just donate money, such as contributing to events or organising visits for the children and their families.

Why do think charitable giving is important?

Giving to charity is important on a number of levels, consistent funding is crucial for a charity to continue the amazing and selfless work they put in to help people in need. As a business, we have a platform we can use to raise awareness of our chosen charity but above anything else, it is the feeling we get from helping others.

Do you think donating has an impact on the pride of your staff?

Ridgway Rentals is a family run business, we are proud to support a local charity that cares and supports children and their families. Hope House & Tŷ Gobaith Children’s Hospices make a huge difference to people’s lives when they need it most.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility something you have recently implanted into your business strategy?

Here at Ridgway, we don’t like to conform to titles. We often donate to charity, so it would seem as though we have implanted CRS into our business strategy, we know our place within the community and choose to donate to charity because we want to, we don’t look at is a business strategy, for us it just about helping people in need.

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